Monday - Friday 7am - 10pm
(6pm Boxing Class)
Saturday 9am - Noon

210.380.8955 & 210.748.9182 (6pm class & personal training )
210.288.9438 & 210.288.0346 (7am - 5pm & personal training)
Rick Medina
2016 Youth National
Isamary Aquino
2016 Youth National
Richard Fernandez
2016 National Silver Gloves
Arturo Ramos IV
2016 Region 6 Silver Gloves
Gustavo Garrido Jr.
2016 Region 6 Silver
Gloves Champion
Cresencio Ramos
7-0 4kos
Daniel Cortez
2016 Region 6 Silver
Gloves Champion
Richard Soto
1-0 1KO
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Ramos Boxing Team offers Competitive
Boxing  & Boxing Fitness classes for men
and women of
all ages . Our  new Level I, II
& III courses are especially designed for
those interested in moving up to our full
contact boxing class.  

Our Personal trainers also have the
flexibility  to meet with you 24/7.

Since 1990 our boxing regimen has
developed numerous members of Team
USA & world ranked professionals.

Along the way our team has inspired
members to reach new heights.
Our latest being, BUBBA.
Click link to view story.  
Jethaniel "Hubba Bubba" Mojica.
Victor De Lo Santos
2015 National JO &
Ringside Champion
Reina Tellez
2015 National JO &
Ringside Champion
Jairo Martinez
Amber LePearl
2015 Ringside Champion
Christian Santibanez
Pro Veteran
Katelyn Robledo
2015 Ringside Runner Up
Juan Gonzales
2015 Ringside Champion
2016 Olympic Trials
Oswaldo Martinez
Novice Boxer
Gabby Tellez
Novice Boxer
Jethaniel Mojica
Novice Boxer
Jason Sanchez
OPEN Division Boxer
2015 Ringside Runner Up
Gustavo Garrido Sr.
Novice Boxer
Katherine Boudin
Ranked #10 in the Nation
Dedicated to creating productive citizens, establishing
individuals and families with strong bonds through fitness,
dedication, and respect.
San Antonio College student Vanessa Bolandos-Ruiz breezes
through her division winning the Outstanding
Female Boxer of the Tournament