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Nov. 14, 2017

Training Camp –

Camp is off to a good start.

Hardwork speaks Truth. Dedication, is Truth.

With all of the top boxers traveling to Utah I expect all our McKinney team to advance to Arkansas.  Better learn to wrap them hands!

Lots of old faces at the gym lately. Feels Old, New.

Discomfort makes some weak, others strong. The difference between winners & losers at the Next level.

Mental congestion makes one fatigue.

Lots of talent in our Levels I, II & III. I see the next Generation of RBT boxers.

700, 645, 630, 600 – 100%

330. 320, 310, 300 – 100%

One, Little Two, Little Three, Little Indians………….

One Little Chief………..Chet Faker.

Some things are only understood backwards.