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While you are here, please make sure to check out some of our recent pictures photographed by renown photographer Will Stacey here: Will Stacey And be sure to visit his
site at www.willsteacy.com.

As you look into the faces of these fighters, you will notice that each picture can tell a story. And though each story is different from each other in the details, they are all
steeped in the things that are important in any endeavor that is worthy pursuit:
pride, dedication, determination, endurance, tenacity…a desire to overcome and be a
succeed in their own personal world. These are the things that Ramos Boxing Team, or RBT for short, is all about. Are you ready? Let's get it on!


Arturo "Turnie" Ramos III is the founder and head coach of RBT. He was an experienced amateur and professional boxer prior to switching to training other fighters. He uses
his fighting experience to the benefit of others, as his boxers are known for their great technique, skill, conditioning, and toughness. His philosophy on training is that you pay
the price in the gym before you ever fight in an actual contest. If you ever see a boxer representing RBT in a tournament, you can be certain that he or she has proved their
mettle in intense training and preparation.

Turnie's father, Arturo Ramos Jr., is an experienced coach with over 35 years in training fighters. He brings a lot of wisdom and insight to the game. He was Turnie's main
trainer for all of his fighting career. Other assistants, Guadalupe Ramos,Evelyn Ramos Cindy Ramos (Zumba Instructor), Rick Medina Sr.  Pedro Ramos Jr, Victor De Los
Santos, Rick Fernandez Sr., Cresencio Ramos Sr., Alonzo Garcia & Team Managers Vanessa Chagoy, Juan Manuel Sanchez & Carlos Alvarez. More info on our coaches
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Ask each fighter what Ramos Boxing Team means to them, and you probably will get a different story each time. Each person has their own particular reason for training at
RBT. Some just want to stay active. Some want to lose weight. Some aspire to become professional fighters. We have even had some Mixed Martial Arts fighters come to
our gym to sharpen their punching skills. And still others choose RBT to workout with their family in a fun, challenging, motivating environment. You don't want to spar? Not a
problem. RBT recognizes that not everyone that steps foot into a boxing gym is going to want to become a full-fledged fighter. Ohhh…but maybe you do want to fight! Don't
dismay, there are many opportunities for you as well. Many of RBT fighters compete in regional, national, and even international tournaments. If you have what it takes to give
yourself to the sport, and face the challenges therein, then you will find a place for yourself at RBT.


Make no mistake about it. RBT Gym is a boxing gym through and through. You get no amenities here. However, what RBT Gym may lack in the comforts of other gyms, where
you are contractually liable for a year or two, we more than make up for that with a no-nonsense approach to training. What you will find that you may not see at any air-
conditioned facility is a hard-work ethic that reflects the blue-collar roots of the Southside of San Antonio. The gym itself sits on 3.5 acres of land purchased by the head
coach himself in 1995.
(In 2005 Hector Ramos (younger brother) purchased the house next door. His backyard serves as our track). Outside, in the back of the gym is a
jogging track for your roadwork, agility drills, plyometrics, sprints,  etc. and a huge truck tire for strength training with a sledgehammer.  The facility itself holds about 9 heavy
bags, 6 double end bags, a couple of speed bags, an area for shadowboxing, and a boxing ring that has tasted many a fighters blood, sweat, and tears.


As mentioned earlier, Turnie will train you into a competent boxer. That means you have a solid foundation on the basics of boxing technique. Let me talk you through a
typical, beginner boxing workout. Please keep in mind that some people can stay on the beginning stages of their training for months. Others can stay on this level for a
couple of weeks. Either way, here is a typical workout. You start your workout with a jog. So outside you go to do your roadwork! The goal is to work up to a mile a day in the
beginning of your workout. After this, you do pushups and sit-ups. You do what you can, but eventually you are going to be doing 50 pushups and 100 sit-ups. Then
shadowboxing. This is where you will work on your form as you learn two of boxing's most basic but important punches: the jab and right cross (or left cross if you are
southpaw). After that we do what is called 10-4's. This is where you throw 10 punches, then drop and do 4 push-ups, jump right back up and repeat the cycle. This happens
for 2 three minute rounds. Then you do an exercise we named after the head coach, "Turnies". The reason we call them "Turnies" is because everyone dreads them!
Basically you start in a standing position, crouch down in a "frog" position, kick out your legs and get in a push-up position, do one push-up, get back to a frog-like position,
and then from that position you jump as high as you can and touch your hands together over your head. When you land on your feet you repeat the cycle. Then more sit-ups
and push-ups and maybe some jump rope. Now this is the beginning workout. As you progress we have other more challenging workouts, but we'll introduce you to those
when you are ready.


What can RBT Gym offer you? Well that is better answered by another question: What are you willing to give of yourself and what sacrifices are you willing to make for your
personal fitness and training goals? Maybe one day your picture can on one of those photographs we mentioned earlier. If you are a kid, maybe you can make your parents
proud of you for what you have learned. Maybe you can find the strength to hold on one more day, because you endured another one of Turnie's infamous workouts. I mean, if
you can survive one of his workouts, you can survive anything, right...you'll see what I mean when you get there! The vision of the gym is to always keep the fighters challenged
and motivated, whatever their goals are. To never allow the fighter to stagnate or be satisfied with where they are at. It is a simple concept, but a difficult process for some to
endure. To those that commit to the process, many great things can be expected. A stronger body, slimmer waistline, better fighting skills, and more confidence are some of
the benefits waiting many that join our gym. Don't be discouraged if you feel the workouts are to hard or beyond your grasp. You may not be a pro boxer, but everyone can
progress. Everyone can get better. After all, the greatest opponent is not the guy that wants to knock your block off. The greatest opponent is the one you have to stare in the
face every morning when you see yourself in the mirror. Do you have what it takes to overcome and to accomplish?

In conclusion
Feel free to stop by after 6:00pm Monday - Friday to sit in on one of our workouts. Keep in mind we're not Gold's Gym or Family Fitness. We're a boxing gym. You won't see
guys in spandex standing by a waterfountain talking about the stock market or a good vacation spot in Paris. We're a boxing gym. We teach people how to box. That's all we
do. BOXING. If that's what you're looking for, we're perfect for you.

If you're looking to hook up or a place to look cool at.......don't come by. We hate posers. We accept people who are ready to learn and willing to take direction. We don't
need guys with EGOS who are going to show up thinking they know what to do or how to box. If you think you know how to BOX, go to Academy, buy yourself some plastic
gloves a Everlast shirt, teach yourself.  We've been around boxing our whole lives, over 30 years so we don't need posers to come in here wasting our time. We've developed
a system that works. We have confidence that if you give us 100% we can make you a successful boxer or help you reach any other goals you may have.

If you want to BOX the proper way, start from the ground up, improve on what you already know, stay in shape or lose weight WE'RE HERE FOR YOU. We don't have age or

I've heard people say they get a bit intimidated by our website. Don't be. This site is here for YOU. This site is kept alive by it's members, YOU. Without YOU we wouldn't have
a site. Our site is a testament of what our members have accomplished. So don't be afraid to stop by to take a look or ask questions.

If you have any other questions or need more information please call us at 210-380-8955 or 210-748-9182
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By Anthony Arroyo
San Antonio's SOUTHSIDE Boxing Gym since 1995
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