2009 R I N G S I D E
World Championship Tournament
Pete Contereras Jr.
Ramon Cardenas
Cresencio Ramos
Steven Duron
Ray Cordova
Steven Cardenas
Joel Cantu
Arturo Ramos
Cresencio Ramos
Pete Contereras Sr.
Jesse Duron
Alex "Armband"Ceja
Julie Ramos
vs Ahmed Mahmood (Detroit-Kronk) W 5-0

vs David Rosas (Dallas) W 5-0

vs Uriel Garcia
(San Antonio) W 5-0

vs Gervonto Davis
(Baltimore) L 3-2
vs Brandon Whitehurst (Richmond, VA) W 5-0

vs Ramiro Urzua Jr.(Pharr, TX) W 5-0

vs Trent Davis
(Wichita, KS) W 5-0

vs Michael Hatton (Cavan, Ireland) 3-2
vs Zachary Maas (St. Charles) W 5-0

vs Nathaniel Burkhalter
(NYC) W 4-1
vs Fernando Moreno
(Miami, FL) RSC-3

vs Will Funk
(Overland Park, KS)
L 3-2
vs Jesus Oropeza
(Lexington, KY) W 5-0

vs Michale Hatton
(Cavan, Ireland)
L 5-0
vs Alejandro Hernandez
(Detroit) L 5-0
VS Martavious Hempstead
(Chicago) L 5-0
Cresencio Ramos Jr. 112
Steven Cardenas
141 lbs
Ramon Cardenas 90 lbs
Ray Cordova 125lbs                 Joel Cantu 141lbs               Steven Duron 119lbs           Pete Contreras Jr. 70lbs
Steven Cardenas 141lbs - After 12 months of training for this tournament "Mouth" finally lived up to his
potential. Three months ago I told "Mouth" he'd win up in Kansas if he continued his dedication to boxing. He is
the prime example of what happens when you combine natural athletic ability and a hard work ethic. A -

Ramon Cardenas 90lbs - The "other" Cardenas is a replica of his older brother. Due to their history in the
sport of soccer they are both gifted with quick reflexes, speed and endurance. Some of the main ingredients in
any sport if you want to be successful. Ramon has showed he could hang with the "big boys" weeks before the
tournament which helped him breeze through the competition up in Kansas City. Ramons biggest challenges will
be outside the ring. B+

Cresencio Ramos Jr.112lbs - Ramos is a veteran of over 75 bouts. Going into this tournament he was
undefeated for the year, we all expected him to come back with the belt. He didn't. The reason for this was
beyond his control. In our eyes he was this years 112 lb Ringside Champion. His continued dedication to the
sport will pay off in the long run. He's one of the hardest working, dedicated, prideful individuals I have ever
crossed paths with. These attributes will make him a successful PERSON in LIFE. Like all teenagers now days,
his biggest challenges will also be outside the sport. A+

Ray Cordova 125lbs - Cordova's has shown improvements since DAY 1. He'll continue to improve and will
become a better boxer. His biggest problem is self-confidence. Once he realizes how good he can be he'll start
racking up wins. Had he had confidence in abilities this could have easily been his 2nd National Title. B+

Joel Cantu 141lbs - Cantu has only been with our club for 6 months but was one of the few boxers who went
through our workouts with a breeze. What Cantu lacks in experience he makes up for with his work ethic and
ability to adapt to different situations in the ring. He's one of the better students in our gym. B

Steven Duron 119lbs - Duron showed his potential up in Kansas this year. Although he dropped a decision in
his first outing in the tournament it was by far his most impressive performance in the ring. Had Duron trained the
way he fought up in Kansas he would have easily been in the finals. B+

Pete Contreras 70lbs - The smallest meanest man in our gym has had some tough draws up in Kansas. The
agressivness of his opponents often get Contreras out of his gameplan and he usually ends up having to "flex
his muscles" rather than stick to his gameplan. As soon as "Petey" learns to control his temper in the ring he'll
start adding some more Dubbya's to his record. B
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