C U R R E NT   N E W S

Bam Rodriguez wins state!
Rodriguez followed teammate (Cresencio Ramos) impressive performance at ths years LBC tournament with a impressive showing of his
own. Rodriguez, like Ramos, scored three consecutive victories at the state tournament to claim title.

Bam Rodriguez vs Isaac Martinez (Bully Unit) After a rough first start Rodriguez regained his legs in the 2nd and scored a convincing
5-0 victory.

Bam Rodriguez vs Judah Rodriguez (Conflict) Bam picked up where he left off the day before using quick sidesteps and solid
combinations to score the victory and advance to the finals.

Bam Rodriguez vs Mark Renteria (CE King) As Rodriguez stood across the ring bofore the opening bell I'm sure a few quick flashbacks
came to mind. Previous to this bout Renteria had beaten Rodriguez twice. This time things were much different. Switching from orthodox to
southpaw to confuse Renteria when the final bell sounded it was obvious that this outcome would be much different. Rodriguez was awarded
the 5-0 decision earning the State title and advancing to Littlerock, Ark

Goyo Morales vs Ramon Acosta (2nd Chance) Morales wins decision
Goyo Morales vs Joel Martinez (Unattached) Morales drops decision

Julian Ramos vs Tito Guajardo (Castillos) Ramos drops decision

Jason Ramos vs was Disqualfied for not havign the proper mouthpiece for his braces. Although Ramos has used this same mouthpiece for
the past 10 bouts without a problem this time was different. Would be nice if everyone was on the same page when it came to these things
Bam advances to National Silver Gloves!
Jan. 15, 2012

Bam Rodriguez continues to impress with each outing. His hard work and dedication to the sweet science is second to none. Ever since he
joined our gym the bar of expectations for all boxers has changed. If a boxer at his age has the mind to focus on each task at hand, set goals,
dedicate himself at still have enough time to average a 95 in school there is no reason why others at the gym shouldn't be able to follow in his

Although success is measured by most based on the number of W's  on record WE expect/ask for more.  Winning fights is not what I ask my
boxers to aim for. I expect improvement at all times, good work ethic in and out of the gym, and dedication. By focusing and making these things
our main priority the outcome of each bout, win or loss is not important  If one of our boxers wins a bout but doesn't perform up to his/her ability
we take it as a loss.   We expect all of our boxers to live a good productive life outside the gym and prepare for adulthood no matter how young
they are.

Bam Rodriguez vs Caiden Ball (Louisiana) Bam performed to his ability and scored an impressive win. Caiden Ball's dedication and hard work
was easily seen during the bout. Although it  was obvious that Bam is currently at a differently level than most kids his age Caiden never
stopped trying. This is the attitude all boxers should have. Caiden has a bright future if he continues to work hard and make the sacrafices
needed to be a good boxer.

Bam Rodriguez vs Jacorion Hollinsworth (Arkansas) Bam continued his impressive streak and was able to score a RSC with a body shot.
Hollinsworth also showed the mental toughness that all successful boxers have. Both Ball and Hollinsworth along with their coaches should be
proud. Not many boxers would have got passed the first round with Rodriguez.
Bam drops close decision at National Semi-Finals!
Feb. 5, 2012

Bam's impressive run ended at this years National Silver Gloves semi-finals in the hands of Elian Lua (California). Although he was able to
squeeze by his first opponenet Keon Davis with a razor thin 3-2 victory his efforts in the Semi's were not as rewarding. The decision could
have easily gone to Davis.  Bam ended both bouts with a strong 3rd round. Although it was able to give him the victory in the first bout it
served to late against his opponent in the Semi's.

The National Silver Gloves tournament pits the top 8 boxers in the nation verses one another to determine the presitgious title of not only
National Champion but also the #1 ranking. It has become the most important tournament for boxers under the age of 14. Each boxer
representing his Region advances to this tournament by winning the State and Regional title in their respective region. Bam advanced by
becoming the top boxer in his division in the states of, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee and Mississippi. Bam was able to win
6 consecutive bouts in McKinney (3) and Arkansas (2)

Eliana Lua dropped a decision to Ray Robinson of Cincinatti, Ohio in the finals. Bam will be ranked as the #4 boxer in the country for the year
2012.  His continued dedication to the sweet science guarantees to put him in position to become the top boxer in the country  once again
before his career is over.

Hector Taranajra from San Antonio dropped a decision in his first outing at the tournament. He was last years Silver Glvoes defending
C. Ramos wins State title!
Feb.13, 2012

Cresencio Ramos continued his impressive streak by winning his first Mens - State Title..Ramos defeated Omar Tello (Gulf) & Daniel Ocampa
(SW) in the Finals.

The 2012 USA Boxing National Championships will be contested, February 27- March 3 at the Fort Carson Special Events Center
Ramos drops tie-breaker at US Championships!
March 2, 2012

Cresencio Ramos' impressive run ended in the 2nd round of the US Championships in Colorado Springs. After getting by Jessie Martinez of
Victoria, TX Ramos dropped a tie breaker to Kenneth Simms Jr., the # 4 seed in the bracket. Simms advanced into the medal rounds yesterday
with a win over Adam Fiel of California.
Franco scores impressive win.
Rodriguez drops decision in first outing.
March 19, 2012

Josh Franco finally proved to himself that he belongs among the countries best. Franco scored a convincing decision over 2011 JO National
Champion & current #1 ranked boxer,  Pablo Ramirez. Franco's biggest opponent in the sport has been and will always be himself. Franco's
talents, often in the shadows of younger brother, Bam Rodriguez, are starting to come to light. In the last 6 months Francos has a newfound
drive and dedication that is beginning to show in his performance, both in sparring and actual bouts. Both boxers are set to meet again at this
year Junior Olympic Tournament in 5 weeks.

Franco was awarded the Boxer of the Night for his "surprising" win.

Robert "Biggy" Rodriguez turned in an impressive showing in his first outing despite boxing against a more experienced boxer in his first
sanctioned bout. Like Franco, Rodriguez's talent, if met with dedication and discipline will all begin to show with due time. His biggest obstacle
will be experience.
Josh & Romo advance to State Tournament.
Team brings back 5 LBC Champions!

This years JO Tournament proved to be a reminder to all that hard work and dedication is the recipe for success. Some who were supposed to win, didn't and some
who won shouldn't have.  

We entered 11 boxers in to the tournament. 2012 JO TEAM:

Arturo Ramos IV, Bam Rodriguez, Rick Medina, Gregorio Morales, Biggy Rodriguez, Julian Ramos, Christopher Martinez, Josh Franco, Romeo Gonzales, Ramon
Cardenas and Jason Ramos.

Our team picked up more than just a couple of wins in Kingsville. Josh Franco, Robert "Biggy" Rodriguez and Bam Rodriguez all took home more than just medals.
They returned home "bigger men". What one often see as obstacles others see as opportunity. Opportunity to build ones character. Josh & Bam both picked up 1st
place medals while Robert "Biggy" Rodriguez earned a silver after scoring an impressive victory the first night. Not bad for three boxers who a week before had no
intentions of entering the tournament due to some "speed bumps".

Another fighter was taught a lesson we hope will teach him a life lesson about our sport. Boxing is not about what you've done in the last week, month or year. Boxing
success comes based on what you've does for the past years. This is especially true to the Senior boxers who have physcially matured and can be seriously hurt if not
prepared well.

TEAM RAMOS recieved a 2nd place team trophy for our Junior Division boxers.

Congratulations to 1st place TEAM winners: Angels Boxing Club, CC Neighborhood and Victoria Boxing Team. Angels will serve as this years Team Coaches at teh
JO State Tournament.

Our other boxers:

Arturo Ramos IV (GOLD) - picked up his first victory along with the title of JO Champion - Ramos scored a flash knockdown in the 2nd round and went on to score a 5-0 decision.

Rick Medina (SILVER)- Medina picked up a win in his first outing but dropped a 3-2 decision in the finals. Medina has the skills to be successful int he sport but may at times spread himself a
bit to thin.

Gregorio Morales (GOLD)- Morales scored two impressive victories in his route to claiming his first JO Championship. Morales unique and awkward style makes it very difficult for opponents to
land a clean scoring blow.

Julian Ramos (SILVER)- was by far the most impressive boxer of our team. Although he dropped a close decision in the finals he showed that he may one day be able to not only follow but
surpass his older brother, Cresenico's success. With a few minor adjustments (mainly his eating habits) he should have no problem reaching his full potential in years to come.

Christopher Martinez (BRONZE)- was basically out-gunned. He too, like Julian will have to make some adjustments to his eating habits before he reaches his full potential. Martinez has
decieving power and skills. His success in the sport is in his hands.

Josh Franco-Rodriguez (GOLD)- Franco was able to overcome some "speed bumps" in Kingsville that would have easily discouraged most boxers to stepping in the ring. With a few days "rest"
Josh was able to score a very impressive victory in the finals to advance to the State Tournament.

Romeo Gonzalez (GOLD) - although Romo walked away with a Gold medal and a trip to the State tournament his performance was under par. This is a good example of given opportunity to
improve. Gonzales will have a few weeks to make sure he takes his A game to the State tournament.

Robert "Biggy" Rodriguez (SILVER)- Four weeks before the tournament Rodriguez did not qualify to enter. Rodriguez, although registered did not have any bouts. The minium bouts to enter
the tournament for 13-14 division is 5. Rodriguez decided to give it a shot, 4 weeks later he had his 5th bout. He was able to get his bouts by boxing at the SAC boxing show on Friday and
Randazzo's show on Sat. He too, like Josh and Bam had to overcome some serious "issues" to be able to step into the ring. For his efforts he picked up a Silver in the finals after score a close
decision on opening night.

Jason Ramos (BRONZE) - Anyone who's been in the ring with Jason will tell you one thing, don't expect an easy fight. Jason's style is no secret he comes to fight and if you're not in shape be
ready to fold.

Bam Rodriguez (GOLD)- Bam was our other boxer who came home a bigger man. Not being able to train for over a week showed in his peformance. Although he scored two victories in route to
his Gold medal everyone in attendance knew it wasn't the Bam we're all used to seeing. Although his finals bout could have gone either way it was good to see him being "rewarded" for his
dedication to the sport despite obstacles.

Ramon Cardenas (SILVER) - missed a great opportunity due to his lack of dedication this year. Cardenas decide to prepare for this tournament 6 weeks ago. Before than he had been seen at
the gym for months. Lesson learned? Boxing is not like other sports, if you want to be successful you must give it 100% year round. This loss will not be seen as a loss if it motivates him to follow
direction and advice on the needs of being a successful boxer. So far it looks like this was a "great" loss for him.
Team travels for 3rd Annual Texas Elite Boxing
Fun-Plex, Houston, Tx May 5, 2012

Ramos Boxing Team took a full squad to this year Texas Elite Boxing Tournament in Houston, TX. Michael Campbell of Undefeated Magazine
provided  great hospitality and atmosphere for our young amateur boxers. Competition was top notch and our team faired well vs boxing teams
from other LBCs.

The night started with
Bam Rodriguez (11/70lbs/open) going up against hometown favorite Dylan Bautista. Although the bout was close it the
first two rounds the final round provided a momentum change in our favor but the rally was not enough. We dropped a 2-1 decision, two cards
had a 1 point lead in Bautistas favor and the other was a 3 point advantage in our favor. Only other boxer to drop a decision was
Ramos IV (8/50lbs/2)
. After earning a victory at this years Junior Olympics tournament Ramos tasted the defeat for the first time.

We had some impressive showings by a few of our boxers and others failed to live up to their full potential. One of the better performances was
Juan "Romo" Gonzales(14/106/7). Boxing is his native hometown in front of family members Gonzales came out swinging. Twenty-eight
seconds into the round the doctor was called onto the apron after an 8 count. Ten seconds after that, the fight was over. Good showing for
Rick Medina Jr(11/70lbs).  also had a quck night. Medina used a sharp snapping jab that led to a solid right hand that ended the
bout at the direction of the ringside doctor.
Cresencio Ramos Jr. (17/135lbs/open) was "same-o-Chris" and pitched a shut-out over
Santibanez conquere and last years State Champion. His ring generalship and experience were clearly on display for those in attendance.

Other winners:
Christopher Martinez (13/95lbs/15), Ramon Cardenas (16/119lbs/open), Robert "Biggy" Rodriguez (11/90lbs/8),
Gregory Morales(11yr 75lbs/18). Juan "Kentucky" Diaz (16/160lbs/0)
traveled with the team but was unable to get a match due to a weight
TEAM RAMOS impressive vs TEXAS BEST!
Team retrurns home with all 4 State Champions.

Two of the most prominent tournaments in Amateur boxing are the LBC Senior Tournament and the LBC Junior Olympic Tournament. These
are the only two tournaments in the nation that lead to International bouts and rankings. This years Senior Champions earned a spot at the
Olympic Trials while this years JO Champion will earn a spot on TEAM USA vs Russia.

Our team was well represented at the State Level this year. Four of our boxers, Bam Rodriguez, Gregory Morales, Romeo Gonzales and Josh
Franco-Rodriguez all advanced to this years State Tournament after winning Gold in South Tx. All four boxers were impressive in their
winnings. Romeo "Romo" Gonzales earned some hard fought victories over former State/National Champions in only his 8th bout. Gregory
Morales and Bam Rodriguez continued their impressive run and scored a couple of wins over some very good boxers. The always improving
Josh Franco-Rodriguez was the most impressive in scoring a RSC-2 in the Finals of the State Tournament. He hopes to carry that momentum
into this years National Tournament in Mobile, Alabama.

Our other State Champion was Cresencio Ramos. He advanced to the National Tournament in Colorado Springs dropping a double-tie
breaker in his 2nd outing to Kenneth Simms Jr. of Chicago. Click below for video of this years State Champions.
Boxers leave footprints nationwide!
Josh Franco-Rodriguez becomes the #2 ranked boxer in the nation.

TEAM RAMOS got a taste of what it would be like to LIVE boxing 24/7 for two weeks. With the Junior Olympic Nationals being in Mobile,
Alabama the week of June 18 and our pros being in action June 29 our creativity was put to the test. The PLAN? Take our pros on the road
with us to Alabama!

Week of June 18 - 23 Mobile, Alabama
Junior Olympic Nationals- Josh Franco-Rodriguez
Josh left his mark in the JO division before  moving on to the Open division in impressive fashion. After winning the 2011 Ringside Title his
momentum carried over claiming this years Junior Olympic TEXAS STATE TITLE in the 101lb division. With his win he was the Texas
representative at this years National Tournament. The Junior Olympic tournament pits the nations top boxers against one another to
determine the best of the best. Josh started the tournament with a solid victory over California's Moises Orozco. Franco stalked Orozco
throughout the bout scoring two standing 8 counts in the final round that lead to his 22-14 victory. In the semi-finals Josh scored an
impressive win over the determined Daniel Bailey of Miami, Florida with the score of 16-9. In the finals he dropped a decision to Kansas' Nico
Hernandez. His Silver Medal gives him the #2 ranking in the nation. It is obvious that Josh has found his place among the top boxers in the
county. Josh is expected to start his Open Division career later this year.   
Other San Antonio boxers: Hector Tanajara (Silver), Joey Pesina
and Akeem Collazo (Gold).

Week of June 24 - 30 Tampa, Florida
Alessi Promotions - Team X and Team Ramos
Ray Ximenez Jr. vs Jose Rivera
Headlining his first card
Ray Ximenez Jr claimed the NBA Junior Intercontinental title with a hard fough victory over Jose "Chili" Rivera of New
York, NY. The action packed fight ended with non-stop action as Ximenez pinned Rivera against the ropes. In the end all three judges scored
on the contest 78-74 in favor of Ximenez, earning him the NBA Junior Intercontinental bantamweight belt.

Celina Salazar vs Denise Agusto - Salazar made quick work of the Puerto Rican native needing only :48 seconds to stop her opponent.
Opening the night, Celina Salazar (4-0-2, 1 KO), 122.2 lbs, wasted no time dispatching debuting and unprepared Desire Agosto, 124.6 lbs. Salazar’s ring
experience proved to be all she needed, as Agosto froze after being cornered by Salazar. The referee took mercy on Agosto after a dozen shots landed on the
frozen Agosto. Time of stoppage was 48 seconds of the first.

Jairo Martinez vs Tommy Bryan - Martinez faced the hometown boxer and fought to a draw. One judge had Jairo winning 3 rounds, another
judge had it a draw and a third judge had Bryan winning all four rounds. After watching the video the first two score cards make sense, the
third card doesn't.

As long as judging is based on personal opinion there will always be controversy. Good thing about judging is that it gives you a insight look
to the mind of each judge and allows you to compare to ones personal experience(s). Afterwards one can make judgement on THE JUDGE.

That would be an interesting website, "JUDGE THE JUDGE" Imagine having some of the most experienced boxers, coaches opinions on the
judges using a rating system. We can use a scale of 0-10 with 0 being, "better off dead" and 10 being, "he has a heartbeat"

C. Ramos continues winning ways at
Alamodome Pro-Am card!
August 13, 2012

Cresencio Ramos Jr continued his winning ways scoring the victory with a dominating performance vs Austin's Jon Baladez. Ramos used
solid ring generalship and quick footwork to score the easy 3-0 decision over the Austin native.

Youtube is a great tool that can be used to learn and study certain subjects. It may also be used for motivation during training. Coaches
and boxers be aware that most videos posted also include audio.  Those who like speaking in a negative way about "others" should take
this into account.
Boxers impressive in wins & "loses"!
Sept. 11, 2012 - Jairo Martinez in Tampa, Celina Salazar in Las Vegas.

Jairo Martinez & Ray Ximenez were both in action this past weekend in Tampa, Florida. Celina Salazar was in action on the
Westcoast, Las Vegas, Nevada.  

Jairo Martinez had to literally work from the bottom up against the towering 6'1 opponent from Orlando, Gulllit Haire.

By RICK FOLSTAD | Special correspondent - Tampa Bay Online TBO.com
Published: September 08, 2012 Updated: September 08, 2012 - 12:00 AM

Tampa lightweight Jairo Martinez used a strong body attack against a taller Gullit Hilare of Orlando to improve to 4-0-1 with a four-round

Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Martinez and his trainer, Arturo Ramos, recently moved to Tampa to work with promoter Phil Alessi.

NBA Inter-Continental Champion Ray Ximenez put in some solid rounds vs the determined Panamanian Fredy Pengally,

By RICK FOLSTAD | Special correspondent - Tampa Bay Online TBO.com
Published: September 08, 2012 Updated: September 08, 2012 - 12:00 AM
In the eight-round main event, bantamweight Ray Ximenez (9-0) of Dallas defeated Fredy Pengally (5-2-1) of Panama by a unanimous

Celina Salazar although on the wrong end of the majority decision was impressive enough against the former World Champion to
have drawn some interest from some prominent promoters/manager in the crowd.

A featured bout on Showtime Boxing on the undercard of Andrew Ward vs Chad Dawson Celina Salazar didn't slow down from
pushing forward through all six rounds. Salazar had Melinda Cooper on the defensive throughout the bout but was able to come
away with the majority decision.

Cooper Wins by a Majority Decision (SEPT 9) Last night at the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Melinda Cooper, of Las
Vegas,  won by a majority decision over Celina Salazar, of San Antonio, Texas. WBAN was told that the fight was competitive fight and a close
decision for the two. by Mary Ann Owen

Both Ray Jr. & Jairo are expected to stay busy to end the year. Both are tentatively scheduled for bouts in Panama in late October
and again in Florida in November.
Impressive showing in Karnes City!
Sept. 22, 2012 - Boxers go 4 for 5 at Tocallo's Boxing Show

Josh Franco-Rodriguez, Bam Rodriguez, Goyo Morales, Robert "Biggy" Rodriguez all picked up solid wins at the Tocallos Boxing
Gym show  Karnes City. Chris Tobar along with the city played host to the city's first ever amateur boxing sanctioned event.

Josh Franco-Rodriguez - although Franco was far from being 100% it was good enough  to pick up the RSC-3 after some
strong body work in the first two rounds.

Bam Rodriguez - had a solid showing using his elusive style to confuse the San Marcos opponent and pick up the victory

Robert "Biggy" Rodriguez - had to work to score the victory. Both boxers stayed active offensively but it was Biggy who landed
the clearer shots to earn the win.

Gregory "Goyo" Morales - continued his winning ways. Goyo's awkward style and off rhythm punching combinations often make
it very difficult for JO Boxers to adjust. Morales scored his 23rd win in 26th outing.

Michael Barrera - although he showed some slight improvements from his last bout he dropped another decision. "Puerto Rico"
has the potential to become a very good boxer whenever he decides to stick to the game plan, in the gym.
Team Ramos brings home State Titles!
Bam Rodriguez & Rick Medina advance to Littlerock, Ark.
Dec. 10, 2012

TEAM RAMOS took center stage at this years Silver Gloves tournament in McKinney Texas with hopes of bringing home a Texas State title.

This years team: Jesse Bam Rodriguez, Rick Medina, Robert Rodriguez, Julian Ramos, Romeo Gonzales & Christopher Martinez.

Our team once again had a strong showing against the States best JO boxers and advanced three of its boxers to the Finals.

After scoring an impressive victory Christopher Martinez dropped a disputed 3-2 decision in the finals. Bam Rodriguez advanced to
Littlerock, Ark. with a good performance and Rick Medina Jr capped off an impressive weekend with a slug fest victory over "Canelo" out of
Dallas, Texas.

The only other boxer to score a victory in the tournament was Robert "Biggy" Rodriguez. After an impressive victory the first night he
dropped a decision in the semis.

Romeo Gonzales & Julian Ramos were both eliminated in their first outing.
Team Ramos' Men's Boxers impressive at South Texas
Team picks up 1st Place Team Trophy - Open Division
Dec. 17, 2012

Our TEAMS Open Boxers picked up where our JO Boxers left off a few weeks ago, the Victory column. Cresencio Ramos & Ramon Cardenas
both advanced to this years LBC finals by scoring two impressive victories over the top boxers in the South Tx Association. Other Ramos
Boxers Nathaniel Dominguez dropped a close 3-2 decison after picking up two wins and Tokunmbo Adenerian dropped a decision in his first

Overall our team racked up 8 wins over 10 outings in the 3 day tournament.

Nathaniel Dominquez was impressive in all three outings. Dominquez looked like a season veteran against the Novice boxers. His future with
our team is bright if he stays in the gym.

Ramon Cardenas seems to have traded in his old "mindset" for a new one. The term "good head head on the shoulders" can easily be
edited to NEW HEAD ON THE SHOULDERS when it comes to the young pugilist. With his new humble and dedicated approach Ramon has
the ability to go very far in the sport. His above average speed and power are not the norm for "Mexican Boxers" according to some in the
boxing community in Tampa, Florida. Boxers in Florida should be glad his current address, currently, has a Texas zip code.

Our other Open Boxer, Cresencio Ramos Jr. was the same old Cresencio the local boxing community has got to know. Ever since Ramos
touched ground at TEAM RAMOS his hard nose approach to training was easily noticeable. Ramos is cut out of the same cloth as former
amateur and professional standout, Hector Ramos. Although not gifted with all the natural abilities their hard work and dedication has made
their boxing career seem natural. They are the model students of the game that are destined to be successful at whatever craft they should
to partake in.

Our other boxer, Tokunmbo "Tony" Adenerian, who currently serves as the Head Coach at Champion Fit gym and shares training grounds
with our team dropped a decision in his first outing vs a familiar foe. Tony not only currently serves as head coach but on many days serves
as his own coach. His competitive spirit and hard work ethic will keep him competitive in different fields.

TEAM RAMOS was awarded the Outstanding Open Division Team Trophy for their efforts. Arturo Ramos Jr and Cresencio Ramos Sr will
serve as head coaches at the State Tournament. Winners of that tournament will advance the the US Championships which will be held in
Seattle, Wash. this year. MYSA article on TEAM RAMOS
Sparring partners win at Senior Event
Boxers earn trip to National Silver
Gloves Tournament!
Littlerock, Ark.

TEAM RAMOS continued it's impressive run of victories as of late at the most prominent tournament for our young JO Boxer, Silver Gloves.

Jesse "Bam" Rodriguez, Christopher "Santos" Martinez & Rick Medina Jr all advanced to the National Silver Gloves tournament with impressive
wins in Littlerock vs game opponents from the South!

Few weeks removed from an impressive run at the Senior Mens Tournament by, Josh F. Rodriguez, Ramon Cardenas and Cresencio Ramos
Jr. our JO Boxers followed suit with a momentous run of their own.

Rick Medina Jr. was the first to pick up the Gold Medal with a victory over Arkansas' Kiwon Toney. It was a battle of speed and counter
punching that set the pace of the bout. In the end Medina would continue his impressive run from McKinney to advance to Missouri for the
National tournament.

Jesse "Bam: Rodriguez set up a date in the finals vs the towering opponent, Joseph Bergman from Louisiana after a dominating performance
the previous night. This was the boxing version of Manute Bol vs Spud Webb. "Spud" gameplan was obvious from the get go as he'd continue
to backup "Manute" from bell to bell. Bam plans on finishing off the work he began at last years Silver Gloves National Tournament.

Christopher "Santos" Martinez. Opportunity often comes in all shapes, forms and sizes. Opportunity knocked when Martinez' Silver Medal at
the State tournament was good enough to earn him a spot representing TEXAS in Littlerock, Ark. Martinez is the prime example of being ready
to step up to the plate when Opportunity comes knocking! He scored an hard fought victory over Louisiana's Thomas Ramsey to advance to
his first National Silver Gloves tournament in only his 15th bout!
Martinez drops decision at National Silver Gloves!
Feb. 4, 2013

It was a rough landing for our team in Kansas City, MO as the countries top JO boxers squared off to determine the BEST OF THE BEST!
Having fought their way through the Southern United States winning two tourmaents its was obvious that all three Ramos Boxers belong
among the best. Rick Medina dropped a split decision in his first outing to last years Champions. Jesse "Bam" Rodriguez, scored a TKO via
body shot in his first bout and dropped a close decision in the Semis. Christopher "Santos" Martinez had a spirited come from behind victory
in his opening bout but had to settle for Silver in the finals.

Overall our TEAM had a good showing at the 2013 National Silver Gloves Tournament. All three boxers were in the fight and never seemed to
be outclassed. The hard work to challenge the countries best paid off.

Next will be our LBC Junior Olympic Tournament.
Good weekend for Team Ramos in Texas & Florida!
March 23, 2013

In a first since my move to Tampa Team Ramos Texas and Florida was in action on the same day. The first time can easily be called a success.

Back in San Antonio Christopher Martinez, Sebastian Perea and Robert Rodriguez all scored impressive victories at Randazzo Boxing Teams
local show.

Martinez avenged a loss against his Houston foe. After a slow start Martinez's power started to take its toll and kept his opponent backpedaling.

Perea was impressive scoring a standing 8 count in the final round to put an exclamation mark on his strong performance. Robert Rodriguez
drew a tougher opponent. In boxing, styles make fights.

Although Robert struggled a bit to begin the bout he was able to score some clean punches to end the fight that gave him the slight edge on
the cards.

in Orlando, Florida Lee "Holliwood" Dawson was able to show off his hard work and dedication without much noise. Not one to enter the room
without a sound it was obvious from the weigh in that Dawson was all business this time around. Dawson scored a clear victory over the 8 bout
veteran in his 4th pro outing. His opponent, Xaiver Lugo started the bout strong but was turned back with Dawson solid combinations and
aggressive style. In the end the scored read, 39-37, 40-36 and 40-36 all in favor of Team Ramos Alessi's, Holliwood Dawson.
Team Ramos Texas travels North for couple of
April 6, 2012

Team Ramos San Antonio hit the road to Austin Texas this weekend with two up and coming boxers and a veteran. Rick Fernandez, George
Ramos both traveled with hopes of earning their first victories in their short careers. Ramos was able to accomplish the feat in his 2nd outing
but Rick will have to wait until next time as he dropped a close decision

Veteran and former Tx Jo State Champion Gregory "Goyo" Morales scored a workmanlike victory. Goyo continues to pile up the wins with his
Gumby style boxing technique. It will be interesting to see if he can claim his LBC . . .
Team Ramos off to State Tournament!
May 20, 2013

Team Ramos Junior Olympic team will be will reprsented at this years 2013 State Tournament. This years coaches will take three boxers to
Houston to compete against Texas' best. Rick Medina Jr, Ismary Aquino and Amberly Guterriez will all be in action next month on their quest to
claim the State Title.

Team Ramos for the 3rd year in a row recieved a 1st Place Team Trophy. This year it was in the Intermidate Division. AJ Fernandez dropped a
decision in his first outing. He's been with our gym couple of months and I expect to see improvments as time goes along. Gregory Morales
turned in a lackluster performance and suffered his 4th loss in 30 outings. Romeo Gonzales & Christopher Martinez bothh suprisingly dropped a
decision in their first outings. George Ramos, Rick Medina, Ruben Gonzales and Robert Rodriguez all scored couple of wins before dropping
decisions. Amberly Guterriez & Ismary Aquino both advanced to the State Tournament as unopposed Champions.
Team Ramos Tx Impressive at State
Houston, TX - June 17, 2013

Team Ramos Texas, serving as the Team Coach (Arturo Ramos Jr.) for our LBC (South TX.) had a triumphant weekend at the State
Tournament this weekend in Houston.

Rick Medina Jr. scored two impressive victories to claim the State Title, Amberly Guterriez & Ismary Aquino also had an impressive showing in
the finals.

With these 3 Titles it makes it a total of 10 Texas State Titles for the year for Team Ramos Tx.

Junior Olympic State FINALS
Ismary Aquino RSC-2 Alexus Castro (West Texas)

Amberly Guterriez Dec.Mikalya Lopez (West Texas)

Rick Medina Dec. Jacob Figueroa (Gulf)
TEAM RAMOS TX & FL begin foundation
at National Tournament!
July 13, 2013

Team Ramos Texas & Florida traveled to Ft. Lauderdale, FL for this years National Golden  & Silver Gloves tournament. Ever since female
boxing became an Olympic sport female boxers nation wide have joined the amateur ranks with expectations to drape themselves with an
Olympic Medal and country flag. Our team is no exception.  

Reina Tellez, Amber Le Pearl Ramos and Ismary Aquino will all have the privilege of calling themselves National Silver Gloves Champions.
Amberly Gutierrez claimed the title as an Unopposed Champion.

Reina Tellez (FL) vs Raelynn Camareno (TX) - Reina Tellez faced off against this years Junior Golden Gloves Champion, Raelynn
Camareno. There were fireworks from the opening. The Texan rushed Tellez hoping to intimidate the younger Tellez but Tellez would have
none of that. Reina fired back with sharp combinations and with some agression of her own. The final rounded ended as Tellez pounded strong
combinations to the body and head of Camareno.

Amber Le Pearl Ramos (FL) vs Lindsey Breeden (FL) - Ramos had an impressive showing in her first outing. But not without some struggle
at first. Breeden came out agressive and pushed Ramos up against the corner in the opening seconds. That only seemed to spark a fire in
Ramos as she bounced back with vicious combinations to the body and head of the Floridan foe. Ramos was able to score to standing 8 counts
in the final rounds courtesy of Amber's right hook to the body. Ramos was on the verge of scoring the final 8 count as the bell sounded.

Ismary Aquino (TX) vs Jolene Juarez (California) - FINALS Aquino boxed to perfection in all three rounds. The southpaw Juarez started
strong but was stunned by the eye deceiving power of Aquino. The fight ended as both boxers stood toe to toe finishing the final seconds with

Ismary Aquino (TX) vs Analisa Escobar (TX) -All out toe to toe battle between the two Texans. This bout could have easily gone the other
way. Aquino's strong finish in the final seconds of the round could have been the deciding factor in the judges scorecards.

Ashlee Reyes (FL) vs Maryguen Vellinga (Utah) - After a 2 year hiatus Reyes was back in top form! Although she dropped a tie-breaker to
the Utah boxer the final decision in no way reflected her dedication and disciplined to the sport. Reyes will be a name to be reckon win come
Gut check for boxers at San Fernando Boxing
Oct. 8, 2013

Team Ramos Florida & Texas both teamed up for this weekends boxing show in San Antonio. It was a reality check for boxers on both teams.

Reina Tellez (Tampa) - Tellez was dealt a dose of reality via Texas. This was a step in the wrong direction for Reina. Her success and major
improvement as of late might have been at fault for her loss in San Antonio. Reina's timing and plain boxing basics were missing in this fight.
Two qualities that were present at the National Silver Gloves and Ringside Tournaments. It's time to go back to the drawing board.

Arturo Ramos IV (Tampa) - "AJ" performed well after being inactive over a year. Sometimes I think he might be to smart for the sport of
boxing. His personal philosophy has always been a defense first approach. Although this style might produce more loses that wins early in a
career it will become an asset once he becomes an open boxer. After 2 rounds of loading up on heavy punches Ramos decided to finish the
fight off with a final round of aggressiveness and non stop punching to score the victory.

Amber Ramos (Tampa) - Amber's worse critic has always been herself. Is this a bad thing? Should it be discouraged? She once told me,
"Dad, I suck" my reply was, "if that's going to keep making you work as hard as you do, then yes, you suck!" Amber was able to score the
victory in San Antoino in front of family due to her mental toughness. Anyone who has been in the ring understands how physical intimidation
can play a major role in ones performance. She had every reason to follow the footsteps of the populace and "be intimidated", her decision
not to, paid off. She was able to dominate all three rounds with an aggressive style that had her opponent backpedaling the majority of the

Ruben Gonzales (Texas) Despite fighting a boxer with 40 bouts, this was Ruben's 9th the fight was a toss up. Although the fight was close I
figured we'd get the close decision based on Rubens aggressiveness throughout the bout. The new scoring system I figured favored us in
this bout. Seems the judges saw it otherwise.

Sebastian Perea (Texas) "Flaco's" new found elusive style is starting define him. Perea was able to keep his opponent off balance with
sharp jabs, movement and crisp combinations. With better conditioning he could have easily scored a stoppage in this bout.

Luis Perea (Texas) Although I felt we should have won this fight I was glad we lost it. Perea had a hard time following the game plan due to
his poor conditioning.

Amberly Gutierrez (Texas) Scored a victory over a 35 bout veteran (this was Amberly's 11th bout) but it wasn't easy. It was good to see
Gutierrez struggle to pull out the victory. It was a good win for Amberly as her opponent was an above average boxer.
Cardenas drops heartbreaker in PAL Finals!
Oct. 7, 2013

Anyone with boxing experience knows when it comes to boxing, California has some of the toughest boxers there is. Cardenas was able to breeze through his
first two Californian opponents, Efren Lopez & Oxnard's,  Rudy Garcia to set-up his finals match with former JO National Champion,
Carlos Balderas.

Thanks to UStream we were able to tune in and watch the bout live. The first two rounds were easy to score. 1st round was easily Balderas,  2nd clearly to
Cardenas. The final round, in my opinion would determine the winner. The round remained close until the final seconds when Balderas was deducted a point
for excessive low blows. This should have easily given Cardenas the National Title. The judges, had other things in mind. Balderas pulled out the 2-1 decision
leaving Cardenas a bit bewildered.

Q&A with Ramon Cardneas

How did you feel at this tournament with the preparation you had at Ramos Boxing?
Ramon:"I Felt like I did great at this tournament but I have some things to work on when I go back to camp."

How does it feel to be back with Team Ramos?
"I feel like I reunited with my family that's been there with me since the beginning of my career and I also feel great with the team and with everyone's will to
work hard it pushes me to work harder to put the gym on top in the elite men division at the USA Championships"

What's next for you, plan to turn pro anytime soon?
"My next fight will be here in San Antonio at woodlawn park in the Staba Box-Offs to go to Spokane Washington. I plan to go ahead and pursue my dreams
of becoming a world champion in April by making my pro debut in April of 2014 in front of my hometown crowd of San Antonio"
Rivera & Bosquez display weeks of dedication at
Jefferson High School!
Nov. 25, 2013 - Tampa, FL

Team Ramos Alessi's Night of Fights 1 at Jefferson High School served its purpose this past weekend. Three of Team Ramos' boxers
showcased their weeks of training in front of an enthusiastic crowd. . Rafael "Ralfy" Rivera got the night going for our boxers with a TKO
victory over 11 bout veteran Yuniel Ramos. Ramos was unable to answer the bell for the final round after a barrage of punches ended the
3rd. Next up for our team was, Lee "Holliwood" Dawson. Lee started off the fight in impressive fashion with crisp combinations and slick
defensive moves. Unfortunately, it didn't last throughout the bout. Lee's opponent, Tony "The Only" Way was able to keep it interesting by
continuing to apply the pressure making the final two rounds difficult to score. In the end, Dawson would score the majority decision, 38-38,
39-36 (twice).

Our final boxer, Noemi "Rebelde" Bosques closed the show out for our team in impressive fashion. Bosques overwhelmed her 20 bout
veteran opponent, Savnanah Hill (Arkansas) from the opening bell and scored the TKO 1:23 into the first round.

All three boxers will be back in action in Night of Fights 2 on Janurary 18, 2014.
Boxers advance to US Championships!
Sustiatia wins Novice Division!
Dec. 10, 2013 - San Antonio, TX

All three boxers participating in the LBC Tournament picked up first place trophies at this years tournament, in their respective categories. Ramon
Cardenas (123lbs Open), Luis Perea (165lbs, Youth Open), Cory Sustatita (123lbs, Youth Novice).

Ramon Cardenas was impressive in both of his victories. He is hoping to improve from last years Bronze medal finish at the US Championships. He is
currently raked #3 by USA Boxing.

Cory Sustatita was able to score two victories in his young career. Luis Perea was unopposed.

Ramon Cardenas advanced to the US Championships in Spokane, Wash. Jan. 16-21, 2014 & Luis Perea advanced the Youth Championships in Reno,
Nevada Jan. 5-12, 2014

McCollum Senior defeats son of local legend
San Antonio Express News
Dec. 9, 2013
Gonzalez wins State Title.
Rodriguez & Gonzalez punch their way to Arkansas!

Ruben Gonzalez slugged his way to this years Silver Gloves State Title. Although sloppy at time his aggressiveness was enough for the
judges to give him the "dubyas". It was clear that Ruben was determined on winning this tournament. His performance proved it.

Our other boxers, Robert Biggy Rodrguez advanced to Littlerock as unopposed, RJ Fernandez.dropped a decision in the finals.
Ramos Boxing Team - Quick Updates:

Regional Silver Gloves Littlerock, Ark. Ruben Gonzales III drops a decision in the finals. Rodriguez advances to Nationals.
National Silver Gloves Kansas City, MO - Robert "Biggy" Rodriguez drops decision in Semi - Finals.

Regional Golden Gloves - Luis Perea 165 Open division, wins 3 bouts in route to State Tournament. Arturo Guzman wins 4 bouts to claim the
Novice Division title at 123lbs. Romeo Gonzales drops a decision in the finals in the 114lb Open Division. Ramon Cardenas drops a decision to
Hector Tanajara in the 123 Open Division.

State Golden Gloves - Luis Perea breezes through the first 3 opponents but drops a close decision to #1 ranjked boxer in the nation, Alex


FEB. 14.         Tampa, FL - Noemi Bosques is announced the victor over Marisol Miranda but later called back to the ring and announce an      
error in adding up the scores. A Draw is announced.  - Rafael "Ralfy" Rivera drops a Split Decision to Jose Castro from Puerto Rico.

FEB. 28        San Diego California - Noemi Bosquez travels across the country to take on #9 ranked boxer in the world, Kenia Enriquez. After 6
exciting rounds Enriquez is announced the winner by unanimous decision.

  Atlantic City, NJ—Undefeated middleweight Thomas “Cornflake” LaManna, of Millville, NJ, tackles his first eight-rounder and his toughest foe
when he boxes Ahsandi Gibbs, of Tampa, FL, on Saturday evening, April 12, in the Grand Ballroom at Bally’s Atlantic City.

The LaManna-Gibbs contest will serve as the semifinal to the 10-round junior lightweight main event which features Jason Sosa, of Camden,
NJ, against Michael Brooks, of Nassau, LI.  First of seven fights is 7.30 p.m.

LaManna 22, is unbeaten in 13 fights since turning pro in 2011.  He has scored seven knockouts.
 He is one of the most popular fighters in South Jersey.  This will mark his seventh fight in Atlantic City and his fourth at Bally’s, where he shut
out Joshua Robertson, of Lynchburg, VA, over six rounds in his last fight Sept. 28.

 “I’m excited to be back in the ring,” LaManna said.  “After my last fight I was in numerous training camps, helping guys prepare, so I’ve always
been in the gym.  I’m definitely not looking for any more six-month layoffs.

 “As far as Gibbs goes, from what I know he’s a non-stop pressure fighter, but he’s nothing that I haven’t seen before.  I want to make a
statement.  on April 12.  I want to thank my team for getting me ready—Vinny Ponte, Raul Rivas, Rashiem Jefferson, Hassan Hamid-El,
Jermaine Clark.  I’m looking forward to the next step up in my career.”

  It’s a solid step-up fight for LaManna, who insists he’s ready to go to the next level.  His biggest win was a six-round decision over veteran
Josh Snyder, of Berlin, MD, one year ago in Atlantic City.

  Gibbs (left), 35, turned pro in 2007 and is 10-3, 4 K0s, but has not boxed in three years.  He has boxed better opposition, though he lost to
James Kirkland, of Austin, TX; Ibahiem King, of West Palm Beach, FL, and Marcus Upshaw, of Jacksonville, FL.  He has not boxed since losing
to Kirkland.

  “Originally, I took some time off to see what I wanted to do next,” Gibbs said.  “Different situations caused me to fall out of love with what I
was doing.  I started to go to school and there wasn’t enough hours in the day to box, work, go to school and do all three the way they needed
to be done.

 “From the outside looking in, I began to see the mistakes I made going and decided to come back.  I’ve been trying to get a fight for close to
two years and they kept falling through for various reasons.  I’ve been training with Arturo Ramos and I feel like I’m the best I’ve ever been.

“I feel good about this fight.  I’ve been ready for a long time.  I don’t know much about my opponent other than what everybody that punches
his name into Google knows.  I won’t really know until the bell rings.”

 ing.com and www.ticketmaster.com.  The card is being promoted by Peltz Boxing Promotions, Inc., in association with Bally’s Atlantic City.      

Gibbs drops close decision to hometown boxer!
77-75, 77-75, 78-74

Ahsandi Gibbs dropped a close points decision to hometown boxer, Thomas Lamana this past weekend at the Ballys Casino in Atlantic City
After clearly winning the first round Lamana was unable to follow suit for the remainder of the bout.  As the second round came to a close
you could see the shift in momentum changing hands in favor of the caller from Florida. As the third round began Gibbs continued following
his game plan and picked up the pace forcing Lamana to backpedal for the remainder of the fight. Gibbs showed his determination and new
found style landing solid jabs and following up with hard combinations to the head and body.  Lamana did show some life midway through
the 5th round catching Gibbs with a combination in the center of the ring which only motivated Gibbs to step on the gas and apply more
pressure. Lamana seemed a bit confused with the surprising attack after landing a three punch combination. He remained with his back to
the ropes for most of the round.

Lamanas style of landing the occasional flickering jabs seems more suited for the Olympic scoring system rather than that of a professional
with his experience. Although outclassed for most of the fight Lamana showed great poise and focus despite being in the fight of his life for
the full 8 rounds With some added experience in his corner and adjustments in the gym he may someday develop into a well rounded boxer.

Ahsandi Gibbs
Post fight Interivew
Thomas Lamana Post fight Interview